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Brief list of traditional computer services:

  • Screen Replacements
  • Operating System Re-install
  • Diagnostics
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Consultations
  • Boot Issue Repair
  • Upgrades
  • Tune-ups & Optimizations
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Dark Web Monitoring


Peace Of Mind Plans

Dark Web Monitoring allows us to notify you of password and other credential breaches quickly once they show up on the Electronic Black Market.

Phishing is when hackers try to get you to give up personal information by getting you to “Take the Bait”. The most common form is making an email look like it is legitimate and having you login so they can steal your info.

Pricing starts at $997/year for business domain monitoring and $99/year for individual monitoring.

We also have a Family Plan that monitors up to 5 emails for only $437/year.

YES! Mailboxes are provided as an addon for some plans and included in the Enterprise Plan. Additionally, you can use a Forwarder address that looks professional and forwards you a personal email such as Gmail.

YES, most of our websites are designed to be responsive to the device your clients use so it can look great from anywhere.

We do not place a limit on visitors, it is the World Wide Web after all.

It depends greatly on the size and content of the site, but rest assured we optimize where we can.

That’s an easy one!

Call: 812.200.0349


Visit: 402 E Main St, Washington, IN 47501

All our website plans include ongoing backups to help protect your site from hacks, issues and crashes.

Wordpress is used by thousands of websites and provides a solid backbone for a quality nearly limitless site.

We will grab as much content as we are able inorder to provide a good base to design you a modern website. This will need to be done PRIOR to transferring the domain name to our servers.

ABSOLUTELY YES! We strongly beleive that your domain is your brand identity. Other companies hold the domain hostage to try to force you to stay as a customer. That is simply not right.

Any website template & design however does not transfer over by default. You may contact us if you wish to look at options. More than likely though the other provider would be making a new site for you anyway.

Let’s be honest, computer repair is costly. Some repairs cost hundreds of dollars! And a lot are rather preventable. That’s why we created the PoM plans. For a flat fee you can get protection against common issues aas welll as tech support from the click of a button. And remember we are a Proud U.S. Based Company!

We are based in the basketball famous Washington, IN. All our tech support is handled on U.S. soil.

The PoM Plan allows us to help you as long as you have a solid internet connection. By adding additional modules or going with a higher plan, you can also get: Windows Patch Monitoring, Antivirus Endpoint Protection, and even ongoing backups of your important data!

The Peace of Mind plans are contracts that help keep you safe from unexpected expenses and data loss.

Peace Of Mind information can be found HERE

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