This document may not cover all terms and policies. This document also is subject to change without notice at any time.


Refunds on purchases are allowed up to 14 days from the purchase date unless the product returned is deemed damaged or unsaleable. Damage and un-sellablility of the laptop is deemed at the sole discretion of CPUfixUP employees. This can include but is not limited to: Cosmetic damage, physical damage, Software damage, and hazardous waste (fecal matter, urine, or smell there of). If the product is damaged or deemed unsaleable (unable to be sold or put back on the shelf) NO REFUND for the product will be given.

Limited Warranty

Each product sold in our store comes with a 60-day failure warranty. This means that hardware issues that appear that are deemed Non-accidental and are a failure not due to neglect or misuse will be covered in full within the 60-day period. Accidental coverage may be purchased separately. If the repair is deemed too expensive, a replacement device of same or comparable grade will given at the sole discretion of CPUfixUP. Examples of non-accidental damage includes a lcd that has no liquid/fire damage or screen cracks, but ceases to function within the 60-day period. The verifying period for a warranty claim may take a week or more depending on the component that is at fault. This period is used to determine if the part failed due to neglect or accidental damage which are not covered by the limited warranty.

Accidental Device Protection Plans

Accidental Protection plans can be added Only At The Time Of Purchase. If further protection is needed after the purchase date, customers will need to select from our Peace Of Mind Technology Plans  Accidental protection can be purchased for $50. ADP Plans cover labor charges for hardware damage caused by accident and neglect. The cost of parts is still the responsibility of the customer.