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If you use a password, you’ve probably been breached

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Breaches happen all the time, after all your credentials and PII (Personally Indentifiable Information) such as a SSN are valuable to hackers. When you have an account anywhere such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Target, you want to trust that your data is secure, but companies have breaches all the time, they just don’t tell consumers right away.

In fact, Some wait several months! We can tell you as early as the next day if your email or password has shown up on the Dark Web (Think of it like a web version of the black market that most people can’t access). We monitor several credential leak sites to help notify you quickly and keep your accounts safe!

Ransomeware that is delivered via email 65%
Businesses that had to spend additional funds on PR after a breach 55%
Businesses that reported a cyberattack in the last year 61%
Security Professionals that have seen incidents from credential theft 90%
Records exposed last year OVER 100Million