About Us


What Makes Us Different

Zach Lacy founded this company in 2012 to bring affordable computer repair services to the residents of southwest Indiana. Since that time we have added a number of services including new and used computer sales, and our new monthly plans designed to give you peace of mind when technology doesn’t work right. It’s the small-town friendliness with professional grade support that makes us different.

Our Communities, Investing in the Future

Our business is focused on giving back to our communities. At your request we can take a percentage of your bill and donate it to your local school district or approved after school club. We also support local animal shelters. When you purchase with us you make a difference in your community.


We provide technical support at your home or business. No need to lug your computer out to a store. We currently service 8 counties in SW Indiana. Affordable on-site repair right at your door step.

The Best Of Professionals

  • Zack Lacy

    Zack Lacy has been working with computers for over five years, and is…

Why Choose Us

Customer Focused Service
The customer is an important part of our business model. If the customer is happy with the service we provide, Then we can maintain a professional relationship with them and provide life-long service.

The Quality Without the Price
Our prices are often lower than our competitors. We keep our overhead costs low so we can pass the savings along to you.
We are your LOCAL computer repair shop
We believe in getting our customers what they need, not meeting quotas. Your continued business is more than a number to us.

We Can Perform Data Recovery

  • Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
  • Accidental Deletion Recovery
  • Accidental Formatting Recovery
  • Failed RAID Server Recovery
  • Failed External Storage Device Recovery
  • Flash Drive & Camera Card Recovery